Unfair Advantage Policy

Unfair Advantage Policy

American Wagering, Inc.; William Hill Nevada I; William Hill Nevada II; Brandywine Bookmaking, LLC;  WH NV III, LLC; William Hill New Jersey, Inc. (collectively referred to as “The Company” or “we,” “us,” or “our”) d/b/a William Hill and Caesars Sportsbook is committed to taking all reasonable measures, and to do so immediately to prevent anything that either diminishes the fun you have playing on the site, or that gives another player an unfair advantage over you.

To this end, we forbid all unfair practices. We do this to protect our customers and the integrity of our systems.

What are unfair practices?

Unfair practices are any practice (including but not limited to the use of BOTs, AI, multiple account use and/or practices conducted in collaboration with other players) carried out by one or more players, with one or more accounts.

1. Multiple Accounts:

One person having multiple accounts, whether in the player’s name or another name, for the sole purpose of playing both accounts at the same time, whether at the same or different tables. In any event, it is not permitted to have more than one account under our General Terms of Service.

2. Collusion:

Two or more players sharing and using their combined knowledge to gain an advantage over other players.

3. Extracting Player Profiles:

Certain companies offer programs specifically created to extract player profiles and then sell them in the form of enormous player databases with the promise that anyone who purchases these programs can use this information to their advantage against other players invisibly gathering information about you and then selling it to others to use when they play against you online.

5. The Use of "BOTS":

Certain companies offer "BOTS" (Internet programs) specifically created to place wagers in place of an actual (human) player, and conceal its use from the others, and avoid detection by the online gaming site. These programs are marketed by explicitly promising the prospective purchaser-user an unfair advantage over other online players not using that program.

How do you distinguish between Forbidden and Permitted categories of programs?

Advantage is not the issue; an unfair advantage is and we see that as deception. And so is invasion of privacy and data theft.

To begin with, our basis for distinction is not whether a particular program gives the user an advantage over non-using players, nor is it based on the particular content. To us, the key indicia that define the class of programs we seek to eliminate from use on the Site are: deception and breach of our customers' privacy.

Nevertheless, what our customers want will always remain the primary influence on what we do about this. So for instance, we have no doubt that anything that compromises the integrity of the wagering offered or that erodes our customers' confidence about whether they will be unfairly disadvantaged while wagering on our site, must be eliminated. And it's there that we direct our efforts. The bottom line is that we will do whatever it takes to ensure that our customers are not deceived and that their privacy is not violated.

Instead, what we're talking about here are programs which: (i) advertise as a key feature that the buyer/user will gain an unfair advantage (quite often they even use the word "cheat") over the other players (in other words, they promise to help a player to cheat); or (ii) their use by the buyer/user is intended to remain concealed from the other players and from the "operator"; or (iii) steal legally protected material (e.g., player identities) that violate applicable laws.

What counter-measures are we taking to prevent the use of BOTS?

Our efforts can be divided into three separate categories: (i) identification & detection; (ii) warning/suspending offending users; and (iii) additional measures through enlarged customer choice.

We have identification and detection counter-measures in-place so that we're able to more precisely detect existing BOTS, but more importantly so that as new BOTS are created/released, we can also prevent those from eroding the experience when on the website.

Once identified, a player using programs in this Forbidden Category will usually be notified. In that notice, we explain what we believe this player is doing and what steps we will take if s/he does not stop doing it immediately. In the most extreme cases we are prepared to suspend their Account and confiscate the funds in that Account without prior notice.

Do the efforts involve "data mining" or other intrusive means to access/read files on my computer as part of these efforts?

To find out more about our general policy with regard to data processing, please see our Privacy Policy.

Where we in our absolute discretion determine an unfair practice has taken place (whether an advantage has been gained or not) the person or persons responsible for that practice will face one or all of the following consequences:

Consequences of Unfair Practices:

We may email the offender(s) and demand the immediate cessation of all unfair practices.

We may suspend the offending account(s) for the purposes of conducting a thorough investigation into the unfair practices.

Ultimately, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to terminate the offending account(s) indefinitely and for all funds in the account(s) to be forfeited (see section 6, 19, and 20 of our Terms of Service).

Effective: July 17, 2018, Updated: August 2, 2021