Payment FAQs

Deposit Methods

How do I deposit money to my Caesars Sportsbook account?

Caesars Sportsbook accepts several payment methods for funding your account.  Currently, we can accept debit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Discover), eCheck by enrolling with VIP Preferred, online banking (powered by PayWithMyBank), Caesars Sportsbook Prepaid Play+ Card, PayPal and PayNearMe.

Are there limits to the amount I can deposit to my account?

There is a $20 minimum for digital deposits made to the Caesars Sportsbook Sports Account. The maximum deposit to your Caesars Sportsbook account depends on the source of your deposit.

Debit Cards

Can I save my credit/debit card number on the Caesars Sportsbook app?

For your convenience, the Caesars Sportsbook app will save your debit/credit card number and expiration date for future use.  When you return to the cashier to deposit, you can just enter your CVV to reuse your preferred account.  If you do not want your credit card number saved, just click on the trash can icon to remove the account.  You can always re-enter the same card or a new card in the future.

Why was my credit card declined?

Be sure to check the billing address information you provided matches the information on file with your banking institution and the CVV is correct.  If the information is accurate, your bank may not support the payment.  Unfortunately, some major providers of US bank cards are currently declining transactions on regulated gaming websites.  You can attempt a transaction if you have a different card or try a different card or try an alternate payment type.

Caesars Sportsbook Prepaid Play+ Card

The Caesars Sportsbook Prepaid Play+ Card is a prepaid account card you can use to fund your Caesars Sportsbook account from your credit /debit card, online banking, or PayPal account.  Once funded, the card can be used, quickly and easily, to transfer funds to the Caesars Sportsbook. Once enrolled, the card can also be used to withdrawal winnings from your wagering account. The Play+ card can be used for purchases everywhere Discover is accepted or for cash withdrawals from ATM’s.

You can enroll by selecting the Caesars Sportsbook Prepaid Card from the Deposit Funds option. The application will pre-populate with your information.  Once you have made your first deposit, a physical card will be mailed to your home.

eCheck by VIP Preferred

Caesars Sportsbook offers ACH/eCheck transactions through our payment partner VIP Preferred.  Once you have completed an initial enrolled on the Caesars Sportsbook app, you can deposit from your bank account up to your established limit.  Transactions are credited to your Caesars Sportsbook account immediately but may take up to two business days to post to your account.

Online Banking

Caesars Sportsbook partners with PayWithMyBank to offer online banking.  It is a convenient alternative to cards, which allows you to make or receive payments by signing into Online Banking without leaving the Caesars Sportsbook site. It's simple, secure and does not require registration.  Your transaction is completed by accessing your account with your online banking ID and password.  Your Caesars Sportsbook account will be funded immediately upon the completion of the transaction approval.


Caesars Sportsbook offers deposits and withdrawals using a Personal or Premier account.  PayPal can be used to fund your Caesars Sportsbook account from a verified bank account or existing PayPal balance.  You must use the same PayPal account to add funds and to make withdrawals to your Caesars Sportsbook account.  Business account will not be accepted for funding or withdrawing funds from your wagering account.


Cash deposits can also be made to your Caesars Sportsbook account at participating PayNearMe TN locations. By selecting PayNearMe in the cashier, the app will generate a bar code that can be printed or saved to your mobile device.  Your personal barcode is reusable for future Caesars Sportsbook TN PayNearMe deposits.  Present the bar code at the register with your cash deposit.  The cashier will provide a receipt for the transaction with the value of the deposit. Be sure to check the receipt for accuracy at the register.

It takes about 15 minutes for the transaction to transmit the funds to your Caesars Sportsbook wagering account.  There is a minimum deposit requirement of $20 per transaction and a maximum of $500 cumulative deposits per day.

Digital Withdrawal Methods

All digital withdrawal transactions are subject to review. Your withdrawal request should be processed by Caesars within 72 hours, but usually will be complete within a day or two.  Once approved, you will receive a notification that the funds have been sent to the payment processor of your choice.

Paypal and the Caesars Sportsbook Prepaid Play+ Card have the fastest turnaround time for crediting funds after they are processed by Caesars. For more details on payout timing by type of funding, below has the estimated turnaround time for each.

Please note, once we have approved your withdrawal it can still take from 2-5 additional business days, (depending on your Bank) for the funds to appear in your account.  During this time, the funds will show up as removed from your account balance in your Caesars Wallet, do not worry, they are in process to be routed to your bank account (or other approved destination) in the timeline noted.

Details about each withdrawal method are provided below.

Online Banking

Online Banking powered by PayWithMyBank can be used to withdrawal your funds directly to your bank account using you your online banking ID and password.  No previous deposit with this funding type or registration is required.  There is a $20 minimum and a $5000 maximum withdrawal limit per transaction.  Withdrawal requests are processed daily and sent to our payment partner but may take several days to be posted to your account by your bank.

eCheck by VIP Preferred

VIP Preferred offers withdrawals directly to your bank account.  This option is available even if you have not used this method to deposit, though your first request will require registration.  Your account will be saved for subsequent transactions.  There is a $20 minimum and a $5000 maximum withdrawal limit per transaction.  VIP Preferred eCheck requests are processed daily but can take several days to be posted to your account by your bank.


Once you have used your PayPal account to deposit with Caesars Sportsbook, you may also use the account for to withdraw funds.  There is a $20 minimum and a $10,000 maximum withdrawal limit per transaction.  All withdrawals are subject to review to ensure customer security. PayPal requests are processed 3x daily and usually post to your account the same day they are processed.

Caesars Sportsbook Prepaid Play+ Card

You may transfer winnings to your Caesars Sportsbook Prepaid Play+ Card.  There is a $20 minimum and a $5,000 maximum withdrawal limit per day. There are no fees for loading the Caesars Sportsbook Prepaid Play+ Card or for transferring the funds to or from the Caesars Sportsbook player account. There is no monthly fee to maintain this prepaid card.  In addition to funding your Caesars Sportsbook account, your card can be used to withdrawal cash at participating ATMs and anywhere Discover is accepted.  More information will be enclosed with your card. Withdrawal requests are processed 3x daily and usually post to your account the same day they are processed.