Gambling Controls page - what can I do here?

Caesars Sportsbook provides players several limit options to enjoy their gaming experiences responsibly.

–Each of the following responsible gaming options are available for players and players can use as many of the available options as they choose -

Deposit Limit – Set the maximum deposit limit for a selected time frame: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

Spend Limit – Set the maximum spend (bet) limit for a selected time frame: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

Daily Time Limit – Set the maximum time (measured in hours) that a player may spend playing on an Internet gaming system.  Time is measured from a player’s log in to log off.

Cool Off Time Limit -Select if the player wishes to take a break from his or her account for 3 to 30 days.

The responsible gaming limits timeframes:

1. The Daily limit is set as a recurring daily limit, effective for 24 hours from midnight to midnight each day.

2. The Weekly limit is set as a recurring weekly limit, effective from Monday at midnight, as the first day of the current week, until the next Monday at midnight, and weekly thereafter.

3. The Monthly limit is set as a recurring monthly limit, effective from midnight of the first calendar day of this month until midnight of the last calendar day of this month, and monthly thereafter.

Please note that once a limit is set you may decrease it (make It more restrictive) at any time with immediate effect, but there will be a waiting period until the end of the existing limit period to increase any limits (make them less restrictive).

Any activity within a daily, weekly, or monthly limit period, including activity that occurred before a limit is set, is included when calculating deposit, spend, or daily time limits.