Outright Winner

  1. Predict the winner of the event. The podium presentation will count as the result and any subsequent amendments to the result will not count.
  2. With the exception of single-race events, bets placed prior to the start of an event are subject to antepost conditions and stakes will be lost on any competitor who withdraws or takes no part.
  3. Bets placed on a single-race event or after an event has started are accepted on a non-participant/no-bet basis and, in the event of a withdrawal, a Rule 4 deduction may be applied to winning bets placed prior to the withdrawal. If the selection does not engage in any competitive action after the bet is struck, the selection will be made void unless eliminated by competition rules.

Individual Heat Winner

  1. Predict the winner of an individual heat.
  2. In the event of a competitor withdrawing prior to the start, stakes will be refunded on the non-participant and a Rule 4 deduction may be applied to winning bets.

Number of Medals Won

Predict the number of medals won. Where a market is offered on the number of medals won in the Olympics or a similar competition, unless stated otherwise, settlement will be based on the official medals table for all events once the medals ceremony for the final event has taken place.

Postponed or Abandoned

Where an event in the Olympics (summer and winter), World or European Championships is postponed or abandoned. bets will be void, unless the event is completed before the closing ceremony of the games, in which case, bets will stand. If an event in any other competition is postponed or abandoned, bets will be void.


Antepost rules apply to all bets placed before the day of the event starting unless otherwise stated.