Australian Rules Football

Match Betting

  1. Predict the team who will win the match in normal time.
  2. All Australian Rules bets are settled on 80 minutes play unless otherwise stated. If the match result is a draw, stakes will be refunded unless a price is quoted for the draw.

Example: A $400 bet on the Richmond Tigers Money Line at -400 will win $100 if Richmond wins.

Spread Betting

  1. Predict the team to win the match once the point spread has been applied to the actual scores.
  2. Bets are settled on 80 minutes play.

Example: Western Bulldogs +8.5 vs Collingwood Magpies -8.5. A spread bet on Collingwood -8.5 would win if Collingwood wins the match by 9 points or more. The bet loses (and the Western side wins) if Collingwood fails to win by 9 points or more.

Abandoned/Postponed Match

If a match is abandoned or postponed to another day, bets are void.

Example: A -400 Money Line bet placed on Richmond vs Carlton will be void when the match is postponed from Saturday and played on Sunday.

Tournament Winner

  1. Predict the winner of the tournament.
  2. Bets will be settled on the official AFL standings immediately following the last match in the tournament and any subsequent amendments to the result will not affect bets.

Example: A $100 AFL Futures bet on the Brisbane Lions at +1000 will payout $1,100 on the day the Brisbane Lions win the Final.